Easy tips for finding song melody notes in guitar melody games

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all always healthy, oh yes, I want to say that this is the first article I have written on my blog, which has not been blogged for quite a long time, finally I have been allowed to write again on this small blog, I hope I am consistent, friends. -friends pray for me

OK, this time I will discuss the topic of easy ways to play guitar melodies

image source : gitarbebas.blogspot.com

especially for those who are still beginners, okay, just go straight to it:

1. First, look for the playlist of the song you are looking for the melody for, play the song up to the melody point. My suggestion is that if you are using a computer, use daw nuendo software because it can automatically return to the point where you want to listen to the song so you don't need to set the song, just click the space bar on the keyboard. this automatic software repeats the parts that have been installed, use nuendonya version 5 only,
For cellphone users, you can use the default application on your cellphone or you can search on Playstore. There are many disadvantages to cellphones, none of which are automatic like Nuendo

2. Find the initial note which will become the basic Do note and use the Do note as a benchmark for finding scale notes later.

3. Now the Do note or the initial note has been found, you can open the tone map/scale, try it while playing the song, and then look at the scale, then the note of the song's melody will not be far from the scale and it will make it easier for us to explore a song. ..
Well, maybe that's all guitarist friends that I can discuss for now, maybe in the future I can explain it in more detail. If there is anything you want to ask, you can go through the comments column, greetings to all guitarists.

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