what is the truss rod on a guitar

 Good evening, friends, how are you, I hope you are always healthy, amen, in this month of Ramadan, hopefully the fast will be over, hehe, this is the only time I can take the time to write yesterday's article, "Busy from work, go straight to sleep because I'm tired, maybe I will add fasting, so I will continue to be absent. Well, treating the longing this time I will discuss about guitar parts that are often forgotten by beginner guitarists and are sometimes taken for granted because this object is invisible but has a very vital function for the continuity and durability of a guitar.

for example in the picture on the side is a picture of my guitar without the trussrod having a few cracks and if left it might break.

btw, my friend here has been to a guitar shop for hunting, buying or just looking at guitars, if we did, we definitely want to get the best quality, but because of our ignorance, usually beginners only see the style and appearance of the guitar without looking at the other side,

So, so that we don't regret it in the future, it would be nice if we get to know this hidden guitar part, what is a trussrod, what is a trussrod, a trussrod is an iron that runs across the handlebar of a guitar, and how important is a trussrod on a guitar? The answer is very important and mandatory, especially for acoustic guitars because the average acoustic guitar rarely uses a trussrod, as for the guitar in the range of 500k and above, make sure not to plant a trussrod,

what is the truss rod on a guitar
what is the truss rod on a guitar

How to check the presence of a trussrod is quite easy, my friend, just look at the hole in the front of the guitar, if there is iron and there is a small hole, it has been confirmed that there is a trussrod, otherwise it means that it is empty, the guitar does not have a trussrod. In my experience, everything has been planted with a trussrod, so if you don't want to bother looking for a guitar with a trussrod, my advice is to just choose an electric guitar..

there are several kinds of trussrods that you need to know, namely;

1.Single trussrod

2.Non-adjustable trussrod

3.Dual action trussrod

4.Double trussrod

Maybe there are many other types of truss rods out there, but what I know are only 4 types, the time is already 11:00 and it's time for me to say goodbye to rest because tomorrow I have to go back to work, maybe that's enough discussion about the importance of the trussrod in I hope this guitar is useful for all of you friends

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