Turn PC keyboards and PS sticks into musical instruments to replace MIDI controllers

Hello blogger friends how are you this time I will make a tutorial on how to change a pc keyboard into a piano and a ps stick into a midi controller drum, as you know that the price of a piano is more expensive than the price of a guitar, that's why a piano player is not like a guitar player,

So, for those of you who want to learn piano but are hampered by finances, don't be sad, friend, because in this digital era, everything is easier, just search on Google, and you will find it, and friends who want to just play the drums don't have to worry anymore because I will tell you how okay Just go to the crime scene, mate, but before that, prepare a cup of warm coffee so that it's more relaxed to read it, hehe.. just prepare the combat equipment first, bro:

 keyboard to piano

1. keyboard

keyboards midi
keyboards midi

   An ordinary keyboard for typing can be of any brand, the important thing is that you can type

 but the anti-ghosting one is more recommended because if you play the piano, you have to play more than 3 fingers, if you use a standard keyboard, you can play only the melody, you can't play the chords, but it all comes back, depending on which one you want to use, it's also legal.

2. fl studio

In terms of software, it's more on fl studio because the latency level is smaller than the others, although it's also necessary to add axio4all to eliminate the latency as well, fl studio when it comes to composing music is the best anyway, buddy.

3. sound card

keyboards midi
keyboards midi

Now, this is important for input and output sound without this thing, the sound produced will not be good, but this is a low-budget version of the soundcard, if you want it to be better without latency, the price is above 1 million, and above, but if you want to play music for fun, it's better if you just use the normal one. I think it's the same...


asio4all is important so that the latency is reduced and that the voice delay is not too late.

the setting is easy, just look for the green icon below near the speaker icon, and then you can adjust the level of sound delay...

only 4 things, now to practice, bro...

now my friend just plugs the keyboard into the pc and then opens the fl studio.

After the fl studio opens, my friend, look for the fl keys plugin

 later the piano plugin will appear, now my friend, after the plugin appears, try typing your keyboard, if the sound doesn't come out, if it doesn't sound, it means you still need one more additional software to sync/connect your keyboard with your fl studio

with joy to key

the function of the joytokey itself is to map or map your keyboard keys so after this mapping, your keyboard should be able to connect to fl studio and be able to play the piano...

maybe that's all for the review of the keyboard being the piano, now moving on to the discussion of the ps sticks being the midi controller drums..

okay, like the method above, prepare warm coffee first so you don't fall asleep reading it hehe

1. ps stick 1

keyboards midi
keyboards midi

PS 1 stick, other models can also work, but the version of this stick is more flexible in my opinion and quite durable, but if you want to use this stick, you have to buy a converter to usb as well, because the plugs are different, you plug it into the PS so it doesn't need to be inserted. converter

2. the two ingredients are the same as above, so just practice, first plug your stick into your PC and open the fl studio software like before...

Once it's open, look for the FPC plugin in the channels menu - add one, then select FPC. After the plugin comes out, don't press the stick first, open the joy to key, then set the "keyboard button to match the PS stick. After setting the joy to key, it's done, go back to fl the studio here, you must be confused about getting the bass drum sound, if the standard bass drum map settings are not there, now to get the sound that we can't set in the view step sequencer - FPC-misc menu, below it there is root note: c5 replace with c6 so that the bass drum tone comes out

by then the drumsticks should be ready to use...

 maybe that's enough tutorial discussion about changing PC keyboards and PS sticks into musical instruments to replace the midi controller, if anyone doesn't understand or doesn't understand, you can ask me directly on the question or comment button below, and see you next time, buddy. 

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