Tips to make your guitar last for decades

 Keeping the guitar durable for decades sounds impossible, mate, but if we take care of it properly, it's possible...

Because no matter how good the goods we have, if we can't take care of them, they will be damaged with age, therefore here I will share tips so that our guitars will last until they are old and can be passed on to our children and grandchildren later, amen...

guitar lesson
guitar lesson

1. Keep the guitar in its place

Just like throwing trash, the guitar must be in the same place, if it's not in use, don't store it anywhere, later if you forget to put it, it keeps falling or sitting or stepping on it, unfortunately, the guitar, so remember the saying, keep it in its place okay

2. Don't throw away old strings

When the strings start to rust, we usually immediately replace them with new strings and we throw away the old strings, so that our guitars last longer, from now on, change the habit of throwing the strings away instead of throwing them away.

3. Consultation with luthier guitar

For your guitar to last for decades, there is nothing wrong with consulting the nearest luthier (a term for an expert on stringed musical instruments) if the guitar feels uncomfortable to play again, consulting with luthier, the problem with the guitar will be sorted out quickly and the guitar will last for decades. ..

Maybe the three tips above I think are enough to provide enlightenment for all of you guys...

If there is a wrong word, I'm sorry, the end of the word  hopefully it will be useful...

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