nuendo tutorial learn audio recording using NUENDO 4

 Hello blogger friends, meet again with me this time I will explain about a good software for recording the name of the software is Nuendo I use this 4th version because it is easy to use or the cool language is user friendly okay, let's go:

nuendo tutorial learn audio recording using NUENDO 4
nuendo tutorial

1. run the Nuendo 4 software then create a new project by clicking on the file-new project-select the empty one-click ok-continue to create a folder where the files can be stored on the drive :d,e,f can be anywhere but my advice is to find an empty drive because the recording file is large" so prepare a large space, mate...

when it's done then it will look like this

2. Before going to the recording stage, it's a good idea to have the audio settings set, if not, please set them first by clicking on device-device setup, then it looks like this, please change the vst audio system, replace it with the soundcard that you are using.

3. Then go back to the initial view, we set the tempo first by pressing CTRL + T on the keyboard, an image like this will appear

then you set the speed tempo by sliding up and down, on the left side you can see the number 10-300 is called tempo, the higher you go, the faster it will be and vice versa, so adjust it according to the genre you are going to play

4. after that go to the initial screen again then right-click-select add audio track-then change the configuration from stereo to mono. like this

then click on the bulleted image with the speaker image then test first whether it's running well or not, if it's successful, there will be a line that goes up and down on the left side, it's a sign that the audio signal has entered, now you can record.

It's over, my friend, now my friend has started recording, so there's no reason not to work, my friend, I'm waiting for your work.

that's all the discussion about learning audio recording with Nuendo 4, sorry if there are word mistakes, hopefully, it will be useful for all of us, the end 

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