hard to play guitar

 Good evening, friends, maybe among all of you, there must be someone tired and complaining, why did it arrive

currently can't play the guitar even though every day from morning, afternoon to night until you forget to eat, take a bath, forget to pray, and so on, your hands are still stiff and not good at conquering the stringed musical instrument which is often called the guitar, most likely something is wrong in how to learn it, know my friend that people who try to work hard and are serious will get the results in the future, then what are the mistakes that make it difficult for all of you to learn guitar, here's a little bit of my personal experience which is the same as all of you

guitar online tuner
guitar online tuner

1. Don't have a guitar

The first obstacle that makes your guitar playing ability doesn't develop is that you don't have the guitar instrument itself, how can you play the guitar if you don't have the guitar instrument, you can borrow it from someone else, but it would be nice to have your own, it's better, no need The expensive ones are the used ones, the important thing is that you can sound first. Rest assured, if you have a guitar and you can play it often -2 weeks, all of you must be fluent in playing at least the basic chords.

2. Inconsistent

Consistent is not just on the guitar but in all aspects of business life or whatever it's called, if you want to be successful you must have a sense of consistency, being consistent means that you are required to keep trying, whatever the result is whether you want to succeed or not, buddy, try until you achieve the result.

3. Lack of motivation

The importance of motivation to be able to encourage enthusiasm so that there is consistency in playing guitar, try my friend for a moment to be quiet and take a cellphone and then open a video that can motivate you to stay consistent, try this when you start to get bored and there is no enthusiasm, so the enthusiasm to go back to learning guitar will continue so that returns to produce consistency which leads to the achievement of your friend's proficiency in learning guitar

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