How to make song lyrics easily

 Hello friends, meet me again this time I will share tips on how to make song lyrics

easily but most people who are not used to making lyrics will find it more difficult, making lyrics is very easy but what makes it difficult is to make lyrics that are comfortable and suitable for listeners to hear, okay, without further ado, just go ahead:

How to make song lyrics easily
 make song lyrics

1. Determining the theme of the song

The theme is the main thing because that is basically if we make the lyrics of the theme, it is not difficult to continue, so determine the theme first, then continue with the others.

2 . Create a storyline

 create a storyline/story outline so that you have an idea of when you are going to write lyrics, so the lyrics that are produced are not as long as there is an end goal.

3. Creating a title

 your title can be taken from the vocabulary that is often spoken from the lyrics and choose one that is easy to remember so listeners will know our song.

4. Write the lyrics

after everything is done, proceed to write lyrics to your creativity, my friend is tested because in the lyric writing section it is the most difficult to determine the words that match the music, my advice is to write the lyrics first, then when you're done, summarize again and tidy up your lyric writing and match the tone of your music.

maybe that's enough tips for making song lyrics from me, hopefully, it will be useful for blogger friends

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