how to make a simple song easily at home

 when we are in the position of a musician what will we show fellow musicians to look more professional in music?

, that will be a plus point, and usually, people who can make their work, apart from looking professional, will make themselves proud of themselves, as a result, we become more enthusiastic in producing more works.

It's not as difficult as imagined to be able to make your songs but it requires patience and a strong feeling to create tones that are certainly nice to hear because they can be fast but the results you get will not be good, so preparation is needed okay whatever it is...

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1. Determining the key of the basic note

The basic chord is the beginning of making a song, knowing the basic tone makes the song easier, usually to determine the basic tone according to gender. For men, the basic chord is G because it has a low range, while women usually use a C chord because high tone, to adjust it can use as a guitar or piano instrument.

2. Find inspiration

inspiration is only obtained when we have many experiences in the past, try to relax for a moment, and close our eyes while remembering the past, usually, after that creative ideas will appear and can be poured into a piece of paper.

3. Pour in paper

when the ideas come up, don't wait too long, just write down what comes out of your mind, don't put it off, because if you take a long time to forget, it's an idea and it's good to have a tape recorder ready, so it's not hard for you to write, just record it.

4. Creating lyrics

good lyrics are easy listening short but full of meaning and usually end in u and i

just look at the already famous lyrics

5. Making the tone

make sure we understand doremy because making notes is doremy and we have to understand chords too because both of them continuously need each other...

how to make the tone:

-start tone (intro)

the intro is the beginning of the music before going into the lyrics of the song, make it into this according to the theme of the song you choose, if the song is confusing, try the intro only when the guitar is slow, if the theme of the song is cheerful, otherwise use full power Strumming on a guitar to get excited

-tone melody

Melody is an arrangement of tones that are set high and low, in this section make it as comfortable as possible with a touch of tone that fits the basic cord so that the tone that comes out is pleasant to listen to.

-end tone

the ending note is usually at the end of the last lyric and the tone is almost the same as the intro with a slight difference there are modifications to add a little tone or decrease the tone depending on the song

after everything is finished, proceed to the final step, which is to try the song that has been made by playing it in full over and over again because it could be that after being played over and over again more ideas appear that can be added directly...

maybe that's all the discussion about how to make a simple song easily, hopefully, it can be useful for everyone, especially personally, sorry if there are mistakes in writing, see you next time, my friend

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