how to fix a broken string on a guitar

 Hello, see you again, my friend, I'm not bored, I'm greeting blogger friends.

I hope you guys are always healthy, this time I want to explain about how to install a broken guitar string

If people say it's better to break strings than break up, isn't it true, mate, sorry, "why are you venting?", proceed to the discussion when the guitar is old enough, it's time to replace the strings with new ones, because there have been many cases where the sound has become ugly, shrill, etc., but most beginners are confused. Let's get started, I'll just explain how to do it:

how to fix a broken string on a guitar
how to fix a broken string on a guitar

1. Reduce the tension of the strings by turning the knob in front slowly until the strings feel loose.

2. Then prepare a new string and then remove it from the wrapper

3. Then insert the end of the string into the hole on the back of the guitar.

4. Then make a knot like a picture above so that the strings are strong when stretched

5. then attach the strings with the other end in the front tuning

After all the installation is done, then we turn the tuning until the strings are stretched enough, now, the guitar is ready to be tuned.

maybe that's enough of my discussion on how to install this guitar string, hopefully, it will be useful...

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