how do metronomes work and what does metronome mean in music

 Hello, meet me again after 1 week of absence due to busy life in the real world,

because now I'm working, it's hard for me to find the time to be able to write articles again, thank God, today I have free time, so I use it to write instead of being silent, my time is wasted,

okay buddy, this time I will discuss a tool whose voice is like a cuanky handyman looking for customers. that alias is not pleasant to listen to so that when playing our musical instruments we become regular and compact, we need an instrument called METRONOME

how do metronomes work
how do metronomes work 

the tool is simple like a stopwatch but the benefits are extraordinary, so from now on use a stopwatch and distinguish the changes that you will get after using this metronome before there was an android this tool was very expensive but because of technological advances, you will find it easier to get and use the opportunity well by learning more about this metronome because if we want to be serious in the field of music, we need to fully master this metronome...

This metronome has 2 types, namely digital and analog.

1. Digital metronome: some are big, some are small and easy to fit in a pocket, use a battery or an adapter, the sound varies from tek-tek-tek, tit-tit-tit, tut-tut-tut, there's a lot to choose from, my friend. choose your voice

2. Analog metronome: big shape, heavy, doesn't use batteries but uses a mechanical system, and the sound is monotonous, just tek-tek-tek only,

between the two the digital metronome is superior and widely used in this millennial era, people just need to find and install it on their gadget and can use it immediately,

Finally, I hope this article is useful for blogger friends wherever you are, sorry if there are wrong words or greetings...

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