guitar melody skill for beginners

 Hello friends, good night, I just came home from the shop, I met my school friend playing guitar and he showed extraordinary guitar skills, then I was surprised and immediately wanted to go home because I wanted to write an article because my friend had already opened a topic that would be discussed. I'm discussing it now, so in the guitar world a guitarist will not be able to achieve extraordinary skills if it is not for technical support, without technique extraordinary skills will not be created, if you have a dream of becoming a guitarist then this technique is needed by my friend to make it easier for you to learn, just share the basic techniques including:

1. Alternative Options

   Alternate picking is a technique that combines hammer on and pulls off techniques, this technique is often used by Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo, and his friends, with this technique you can play a fast and clean shredder. The key to the speed of this technique lies in the accuracy of holding the club and right-hand synchronization. and left, it takes a long time to learn this technique because many beginners complain that this technique is very difficult to learn but if we are not diligent in learning this technique we will master

2. legato

   Legato is a combination of hammer-on and pull-off techniques, this technique is almost the same as the Alternate Picking technique, the difference only lies in how to pick it.

 Usually, the world's guitarists use this technique to play the guitar quickly, which is usually called the slurred note.

3. Sweep

guitar melody skill for beginners
guitar melody skill for beginners

   Sweep picking is a guitar-playing technique where the way of picking it is like sweeping, the guitarist who often uses this technique is Yngwie Malmsteen

sweep picking can be done using 2 strings or more usually up to 6 strings only, the scale commonly used to use this technique is minor arpeggios

the pattern of this scale movement is very supportive of the sweep picking technique.

4. Pinch Harmonic

  Pinch Harmonic is a technique to produce a very high and shrill tone, this technique is most liked by rock guitarists because the sound it produces can make a guitarist look professional and even likes his fans, the way to play this technique is to sound the strings like pinching a little bit with the thumb but Don't lose your voice, if you lose your voice, it means failure, this technique requires high concentration.

5. Active Hammer

   Hammer on is a guitar-playing technique by sounding two notes or clean in one strum. By mastering this technique, the melody will play faster.

6. Pull Of

pull off is the opposite technique of hammer-on, if you put your finger in front of the fret, then pull off pull from front to back.

7. Tremolo Picking

  Tremolo Picking is a guitar-playing technique by playing notes on one string with a high-speed updown technique.

8. String Skipping

String skipping is a technique of playing the guitar by stepping over or past the guitar strings

Please, for more details, you can learn here, my friend

Enough articles about guitar melody skill techniques, sorry if there are any wrong words, thank you, hopefully useful.

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