guitar effects for computer

 Hello, good evening, loyal blogger friends, this time I will share my music knowledge, my friend, do you have an electric guitar, the answer is that there must be someone who has it, someone who doesn't, just answer it yourself" well, blogger friend, hehe, for those of you who have the hardware needed to complement the electric guitar, it's not another thing is not the guitar effect because this hardware actually produces a fantastic sound that can make people get drunk on love oh why are you in love eh, sorry for singing, mate, well, in fact, it is hardware that makes a guitarist willing to spend deeply just wanting to get a solid guitar effects gear, the name is also any hobby, you must do it even though it's expensive, but what about people who don't have more budget but want to have guitar effects like guitarists in the world, calm down, my friend in this sophisticated era, people say slang nowadays, everything so it's easy to just take our initiative, just search it on google. here I just will give a tutorial on how to use the software I use Guitarig version 4 okay, just go ahead:

-open and run the guitar effects software (gitarig 4)

guitar effects for computer
guitar effects for computer

wait a while to load until it looks like this

then you go to menu-file-audio and midi settings

After that, in this section, you set the sound card driver that will be used. If you don't have an external soundcard, just choose ASIO4ALLV2, the only drawback is that ASIO still has a bit of latency or delay.

in the routing and midi section, just leave the default, don't change it.

then now click on the asio config section

Click the picture of the wrench click on that part

Then set the ASIO buffer size, just slide it to the left, I usually use 64 samples because it can reduce latency more maximally, and click OK when it's done.

back to the initial view, now my friend already has a digital guitar effect, just plug in the jack cable and connect it to the speaker until here the guitar effect should be able to use ...

I will explain a little about the "panel" in this guitarrig 4 guitar effects, okay, check it out:

1. browser menu

   This menu contains guitar effect presets and a collection of guitar effects so you don't have to bother "installing other plugins, just click on the preset, and it's done right away.

2. component menu

Well, here, our creativity is being tested. Here, we have to really understand how to combine guitar effects with the plugin. If you are still a beginner, it is recommended to use the number one method.

3. menu options

This menu is also not recommended for newbies. This is a special menu for bloggers who are already advanced or have advanced in the field of music.

4. menu L/R

This menu function is to choose which part to increase the sound for, for example, if we want the position to the left of the full audio while the right is silent, then click L and then leave the R blank and the slider to the right position.

5. gate

This gate menu functions like a water faucet, logically, when the water faucet is turned to the left, the water will come out a little while if it is turned in the opposite direction, namely the right, it will be large as well as the gate function is the same as a faucet. The higher you go, the lower the sound or the lower the sound. This technique is usually used to eliminate excessive distortion.

6. CPU menu

this menu function is to increase the sound quality only if the HI button is clicked then the guitar sound produced will be clear but the drawback is that the computer performance will be heavy because the CPU is used as much as possible by this software.

7. menu tape deck

This menu functions to record sound like a radio, this menu is usually rarely used, it's better in my opinion if you want to record, don't use this menu, just use daw, the plugin is more complete

8. metronome

This menu is very clear to set the tempo of your guitar playing to be regular

so many tutorials about this guitar effect from me, if there is something you don't understand, please mate, you can doodle here, hopefully, it's useful.....

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