Get to know the Tambourine musical instrument and get your tambourine on

 Hi friends, meet me again this time I will introduce to you a musical instrument that is often used by buskers and musicians as well, well that musical instrument is called a tambourine or it can be

 also called kecrekan.

According to history, the traditional tambourine was played by a group of people who came from the Turkish army, and the tambourine was known as the Janissaries. Meanwhile, famous and legendary musicians at that time used tambourines in 1782, not only in Indonesia but also in foreign countries. many use a tambourine as a complement to their music.

get your tambourine on
get your tambourine on

 and it is made of stainless steel or made of iron, and what is unique in other countries is the mention the name of the tambourine is different, for example, in India, the tambourine is called Daph, in Peru, it is called Chil-child, in Greenland it is called Aelya while in Central Asia named the tambourine with the term Dierre.

Well this musical instrument has a distinctive sound, namely

The sound of the treble/clatter is loud, therefore this instrument is often used in musical orchestra events.

How to play this tambourine musical instrument is also easy, namely in 2 ways:

hitting on the side of the membrane = in the position of the left hand holding a tambourine the right-hand hits the side of the membrane it produces a no sound and ces is a way of combining tones but in that way the trible sound doesn't come out optimally.

shake = hold the tambourine with the right hand and then shake it left and right in this way the tribal sound is stronger than the first method.

If you don't have money to buy a tambourine, you can make your own at home. It's easy. You just need to find the raw materials: wood, nails, a hammer, and a syrup bottle cap. It's easy. Make a hole in the middle of the bottle cap and then nail it to make a simple tambourine.

that's my post this time about the tambourine musical instrument, hopefully, it will be useful for all of you, sorry if there is a wrong word 

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