get to know a guitar with capo, a small clamp, the best solution for increasing basic notes on the guitar

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this time I will explain about CAPO, what is CAPO, which is not the same as KEPO, mate if KEPO means that you want to know that this person's business is very different from this CAPO, right?

guitar with capo
guitar with capo

buddy, what I mean by CAPO is a tool whose function is to raise the tone by clamping it to the guitar nick/neck, in other words, raising the tone by not turning the lever in the dryer because usually, guitars under 500 thousand have a neck that is prone to bending because it doesn't it is equipped with a truss rod, so this capo is highly recommended for those of you whose guitar doesn't include a truss rod but want to raise the tone, just use this capo, it's guaranteed that your guitar will last from bending, you can buy this capo at a music store, but if you don't have the money, you can use a ballpoint pen just glue it using rubber

, now you understand what I mean usually beginners when the setting sounds non-standard play forcibly in the tuning when the strings are not strong enough to stretch the strings finally break, and if this is allowed to become a habit, it's ready, my guitar will become bent, Well, this is where the CAPO function works when we want to match the tone to the standard tone, we don't have to tune anymore, just clamp it on the guitar fret, the capo is done, the guitar is ready to use,

The tips are if the guitar that you feel is no longer strong enough to stretch then use this CAPO, the guitar that usually uses a capo is an acoustic guitar, and an older version of the guitar because the old version of the guitar doesn't have a nick / trusroad, so use a capo so that our favorite guitar is durable, not bent. and not damaged from now on, use a CAPO guaranteed that your guitar will last for a long time.

maybe enough articles about getting to know CAPO, hopefully, it will be useful for you, blogger friend

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