experience as a band member

 Good evening, blogger friends, I don't feel it in a minute, if I'm not mistaken, 3 days from now we will welcome the holy month of Ramadan, previously I and my big family apologize to be born, and inner heart if there are any wrong words in writing this article and hopefully later before fasting, all friends have given the smooth running of the fast amen...

okay, on this occasion I will share the story of my experience being a band member...

So here's the story, at that time around 1999 I was still in elementary school and had just stepped into 5th grade, as usual after school I never went out of the house, mostly watched tv, read books, well at least if there were friends who invite me to play just go out of the house if the slang is my home child, hehe,

I first got to know the guitar at that time when my sister came home from hanging out home with a guitar borrowed from a friend, since then my interest in guitar began to emerge since then I studied seriously self-taught because my sister couldn't teach me because he said he was busy with his work.

but I'm not complaining, I used it as motivation to be able to do it without relying on other people, and in the end, in about a year, I was able to learn the basics of guitar, guitar technique, guitar chords and some of the guitar melodies have been mastered, although still not fluent. never satisfied I keep practicing and keep practicing.

long story short I also graduated from elementary school. Coincidentally, every year at school I always hold a farewell party, the teachers also announced, that students who can play musical instruments can register, then my friends and I agreed to make a band for the first time by giving the name RUTE 02 (rukun tetangga 02) coincidentally all of our personnel are in rt02 and we all named it because of its uniqueness,

experience as a band member

experience as a band member

the next day we all performed as we were, even though the sound was mediocre, the sound of the guitar was false but we were all happy and proud because we were able to perform for the first time on stage, day after day had passed, we all left elementary school, and continued with the band name RUTE02, but after graduating from high school I lost contact with all the personnel and finally I disbanded because if it was continued it would never be true,

but I didn't give up there when I entered the world of work, I met people who could make music too, and finally, I formed a band again with the name NOTHABAND, this name was born because of my work in a supermarket and my job is to deliver notes. our story is that whenever we have free time, we always take the time to practice in the studio and try to record songs and finally on January 21 2018 our song nothaband is already on youtube, and this is my band video

I hope that my short experience can inspire and provide encouragement for friends who are starting to form a band because any effort if you are serious about it will pay off one day and will give the best results...

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