benefits of playing guitar on brain

 Hello friends, see you again on my blog this time I want to share experiences about the advantages and disadvantages of being a guitarist, since I am a guitar player, so I want to explain the advantages and disadvantages of playing guitar according to my version immediately:

Advantages of Playing Guitar

benefits of playing guitar on brain
benefits of playing guitar on brain

- Overcoming stress

playing guitar is like any other hobby, apart from being fun, it can also make stress disappear, especially for those of you who like to get stressed quickly, try to take a guitar and play it and feel the bad mood will disappear by itself.

-Liked by many people

This is what I feel so far, even though I'm not an artist, I already have fans, for example, when I meet a male friend, especially a girl, I like lots of song requests, even though I'm not very good at playing it, you know.

-Agility hands

when you are diligent in playing your fingers, your hands will gradually become lighter and that's when your agility increases, so you don't need to go to the gym to get agility, just play guitar.



  Playing the guitar is not magic, all you have to do is direct orders, so it takes a long time to understand it, it takes a lot of patience and maybe a lot of time will be wasted.

- Single

Because most of them are alone with the guitar, the risk of loss is not having a girlfriend, because of the lack of social interaction

maybe that's all I can share hopefully useful...

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