5 ways to tune guitar with tuner

 hello friends, good afternoon, meet me again, how are you, my friend, I hope that everyone is healthy and well so you can listen to my article this time.

I've been absent for a few days, I haven't written an article, it's sad, but what can I do because of busyness in the real world which requires me to focus on the real world first, but now coincidentally today is a national holiday because of the election so there is little free time that can be used for write articles.

on this occasion, I want to discuss how to stem the guitar with a tuner

How to Tune a Guitar With a Tuner

tune guitar with tuner
tune guitar with tuner

1. The first step is to loosen all the strings from a string (1) to string six (6), everything must be loose to make it easier to adjust the tone.

2. install the tuner at the end of the guitar neck if you use a tuner, if you use the smartphone application, put the smartphone on the thigh and then bring the mic closer to the guitar body so that the sound coming out of the guitar can be fully captured by your smartphone.

3. then after that try to pluck one string without pressing the key or the cord on your guitar...

4. then try to pay attention to the screen on the tuner or your smartphone phone automatically when the voice you pick is heard, the tuner will recognize the tone that came out earlier.

5. Now after the tuner or smartphone has recognized all the tones that come out of the guitar, your task is now to pick the notes one by one and adjust them to the sequence of notes, this is the order of the notes, you just have to match it with the tone that appears on your tuner/smartphone screen.

6th string = E

5th string = A

String 4 = D

3rd string = G

2nd string = B

String 1 = E

Let's take the example of plucking the topmost string wrapped in brass, it's pitched E, so on the tuner/or smartphone screen, E must appear as well, and so on until the bottom strings...

In conclusion, tuning the guitar using this tuner does make it easier to match the tone, but the drawback is that sometimes it still feels fake. My advice is to practice hearing, my friend, often recognize the tone by playing the guitar regularly, little by little, you will get used to it without a tuner, manual tuning is more accurate than using a tuner.

I hope what I discuss in this article can be useful for all of you, thank you

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