18 kinds of guitar accessories and their uses

 Good evening, guitarist friends who are visiting here must be all guitarists, right?

, if it's not that's okay, hopefully, it will be insight and knowledge for all of us and make everyone like the guitar musical instrument because, in my opinion, only the guitar is the easiest to learn, okay blogger friend this time I will discuss various kinds of good accessories those that attach directly to the guitar or those outside the guitar and of all that, including additional guitar accessories, what are the guitar accessories, let me discuss them one by one:

1. Guitar strings

Guitar strings are accessories in the first place because of their basic use, namely to produce sound. In the market, there are many types of guitar strings that are sold, ranging from low quality to good ones, but the most common are the ones with the pyramid logo. This type of string is the best selling in the market. because it is the cheapest in terms of price compared to other types of strings.

 2. Pick up or spool guitar

Guitar pick-ups are usually used by guitarists who want their guitar output sound to come out of the speakers. The way the guitar spool works is almost similar to how a microphone works, that is, acoustic energy sound waves are converted into electrical energy (audio signal). in the guitar hole, and if you have an electric guitar, you don't need to bother because usually it is already installed...

3. Ampli

Guitar amplifiers are usually used by guitarists to produce a louder sound or sound, this is a mandatory accessory for electric guitars.

4. Guitar bag or guitar case
A guitar bag is important for friends who often travel or hang out so that it's not complicated to carry the guitar...

5. Guitar effects

Guitarist friends, you must be familiar with this tool, right? yes, guitar effects with various types of effects are indeed sure for friends who are still beginners confused about choosing it, not but my advice is to look for sound effects that are good to hear and adjust to the genre of music that you like. guitar effects themselves have been used, namely to produce sounds that are pleasing to the eye varied, beautiful, and pleasant to hear of course.

6. Pick or guitar club

This pick or what people call it a claber is useful as a tool for strumming the guitar so that our fingers don't have to touch the strings directly to the guitar.
With the help of this pick, usually, a guitarist who is already a professional can produce extraordinary skills compared to without using this pick or club.

7. Guitar stand

The guitar stand is useful for storing the guitar in a standing position. This stand looks more elegant than other models. In terms of storage, the photo above is only a single guitar and can only store one guitar and the other type can store 3 guitars at once.

8. Guitar hanger

Almost the same as a guitar stand, but this time it's a hanger version, so if you want to put your guitar, just hang it like drying clothes.

9. Guitar tuner

A tool to make it easier to tune and adjust the guitar tone to match the tone that has been determined by the standard tone

10. Guitar strap or guitar belt

Guitar strap or belt to make it easier for guitarists to play guitar while in a standing position

11. Pre amp guitar eq

Preamps are used to increase or increase the input gain of the audio signal before entering the sound card, usually, preamps are used on acoustic guitars

12. Tremolo guitar

tremolo is useful for producing tone by changing the tension of the strings.

13. Guitar Handle

The guitar handle is useful for producing high notes by moving the handle down or up

14. Slider

This slide is useful for producing soft tones without sounding broken and the resulting melodic sound is pleasant to hear.

15. Saddle nut guitar

Nuts are small pads that are used to support 6 strings so that the sound produced is loud

16. Screeching halt

The use of the screeching halt is to close the holes for the acoustic strings so that the sound emitted does not experience a feedback

17. Capo

Capo is useful for increasing the loss position of the strings (open string) which aims to make it easier for guitarists to play chords

18. String winder

A string winder is useful for turning the tuning to make it faster.

Maybe that's enough discussion about various guitar accessories, if there is a wrong word or speech, I'm sorry, I hope my writing is useful for all of you.

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