tutorial guitar on how to remove noise

hello, see you again, blogger friends, in this post I want to discuss how to remove noise because most people when they want to record audio usually like to ignore noise, this does look trivial, but if left alone can damage the song we are making, noise in my view is meaning that the rumbling or irregular sound mixes into one with pure audio from our soundcard and can cause damage to our songs which we will record, indeed on the computer there are many applications that help us to eliminate the noise, but unfortunately our audio quality has decreased drastically So, it's better for us to solve this problem from the hardware alone, because if we solve it directly from the hardware, of course the results will be good, then from the software we just need to fix it, usually the cause of the noise itself can be caused by several factors including :

- the cable is of poor quality

Usually low-quality cables are not good, you can see from the brand, use the best brand, there are lots of brands out there, just adjust it to your pocket, so don't just buy a cable, the sound is weird.


This can also be the cause of the noise problem, especially if you use the onboard soundcard, there will be a lot of noise, so if you have money, it's better to buy an external soundcard.

- guitar spool/guitar pick-up

Guitar spool is a part that is rarely cared for because of its location which is covered by the strings, especially if it hasn't been used for a long time, the iron part tends to rust, so when it rusts, the guitar spool will also have a negative effect on the sound, namely noise, so take care and take care of the spool so that it stays clean. his voice

- power source

If you are at the time of electrical installation and you continue to install grounding with the pln repairman, you don't have to bother "making anti-noise like this is guaranteed 100%, if you have installed grounding with the pln repairman, the noise problem will not exist, but if you want to install to pln it usually takes additional costs, it's better to just follow my way, okay, friend

Well, here I will share my experience on how to make the noise disappear, it won't go away 100%, but at least the noise will be reduced, okay, just prepare the tools and materials:


tutorial guitar
tutorial guitar

prepare a 5 meter long cable depending on the conditions of your place, if for me 5 meters is enough because I installed it close because I directly attached it to the house foundation, it happened that my house foundation was not on the wall, so I could directly tie the cable to the iron foundation, for sure buddy asking why did you choose to tie it to the foundation, the answer is simple, the foundation is planted deep, so even the noise will disappear maximally


 if your house has all the foundations on the wall, then the alternative is we just plug it into the ground using nails but look for big and long nails because the longer the iron pierces the ground the greater the noise that is removed and never try to stick nails into flower pots even though the pots are it contains soil but it's separated from the earth's layer, the noise doesn't go away. If you don't believe me, please try this, this is my experience

tutorial guitar
tutorial guitar


If everything is plugged into the ground like the 1st and 2nd method, now we just have to install the cliper at the end of the second cable, then install the clipper in the cpu area which is made of iron.

Well, if it's all done, now just check it:

run the computer then select the daw you usually use for recording here I use nuendo 4 if you don't have it on the internet a lot just look for it

after that, try to test it by looking at the audio signal, if the audio signal looks neat, it means you have successfully applied the anti-noise above, but if the audio signal looks messy and untidy then you have to repeat my method above more carefully.

tutorial guitar
tutorial guitar

Finally, I hope this article can help and be useful for my friend, if you have any questions, please comment below, thanks 

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