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 Hello dear readers, and bloggers, I just want to share my experience in the world of music. Until now, I only focused on one guitar instrument, even though there are lots of cool instruments in music." only guitar but I should be grateful thanks to the guitar I can share my knowledge with blogger friends who are in need...

Well, the guitar, why does it have to be a guitar instrument, my friend ... the answer is because the guitar is relatively cheaper than other musical instruments and what makes me amazed at the guitar is because the guitar is full of amazing "tricks" if you know famous guitarists like Yngwie, Malmsteen, Michael Angelo Batio, and his brothers, you will definitely be amazed by them and you will imitate their style of play if you feel like you want to be like them, let's follow my tips, hopefully, it can help because this is all born from my experience

1. buy a guitar

 the first thing you have to do if you want to learn self-taught guitar is to buy a guitar, why buy a guitar if you don't have a guitar and just hanging out with friends it won't be effective in learning, you must at least have a guitar first, it doesn't have to be good "the important thing is that there is sound first I'm already good, I just bought a good one. I also bought a normal one, it's far from good, even worse, the most important thing is that we want to be able to do it someday when it's smooth and then buy a new one, most beginners buy guitars that are expensive but rarely studied, it's just a lie so buy a guitar according to our abilities...

2. learn to tune

  This is what beginners often forget when playing guitar, like going straight to the chords, even though there are more important things to know about the tuning, if you can tune it, then proceed to the chords, nowadays the tuning is more modern, now tuning is provided in digital form, it's actually more practical but the accuracy of the tuning is lacking, my advice is don't use digital tuning, it's better to use your own ears, it's more accurate for sure


After understanding about tuning and being able to tune the guitar, it's time to go to the chord stage

the cord itself is very large, maybe there are hundreds of variations, but I suggest learning the basics because variations are not needed for today's songs, today's songs are flat, using all basic cords, try to pay attention to the chords for top bands like Noah, dmasiv, geisha, etc are average" they only use basic cords...

4. tempo

 Learning the tempo of this guitar functions to train your filing, so that later when you play the music you don't catch up, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, this tempo will carry over when you enter the recording studio later if you already have a band.

5. buy a manual

  so that I can understand better, I usually buy books at bookstores at a price of 10 thousand and above, I can take them home, now it seems like books are easy without buying books, I can borrow them from the library in addition to saving a lot of choices.

6. take time

make a schedule or if you have free time use it to study even though only 1 hour is more than enough and try if you can for a while but don't do half routine later if half and half the results will not be satisfactory...


  if the five ways above are already running now, all you have to do is try to be consistent because in this world nothing is instant, it takes a process, it can't be 1 month straight, and it can take years to be proficient at playing it, so you have to have a strong determination first and don't give up because people who always try to make it easy, believe me...

8. pray

 and lastly, pray a lot and be sure whatever he starts with effort will surely reap the results and all depend on the above continue to pray and try

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