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 good morning, I'm not feeling well, especially the next morning at work but my eyes aren't tired yet looking at the computer "uh, I'm even venting" sorry, blogger friend, this time I will talk about recording, recording if the English is a recorder, don't mix it with a musical instrument like a flute that's it hehe

Usually, when we go directly to the studio, the cost for recording is expensive, so be sure because the studio gear is comparable to the recording, but for those of us who only have a mediocre budget but don't have a big budget, don't worry, in this modern era, there's no such thing. which is impossible as long as there is effort, of course, whatever you want can be realized, okay, just recording tips from me:

1. pc or laptop

I suggest that it's better to have a laptop because my experience is safe home recording using a laptop, the sound is clear, there's no noise at all compared to using a PC, if you use a PC, the noise must be a lot because the PC needs to be plugged into a power outlet first and unfortunately if the power is turned off our house is not grounded first with the plan, there will definitely be a lot of noise and it's very annoying when recording, but that also has a solution, later on, I'll post about the grounding method so that blogger friends understand more about how to remove noise, so in conclusion, it's better to buy a laptop Just for computer specs, at least core 2 duo and above below that spec, our computer will experience something called lag and it will interfere with our performance in making project songs, right, friend

2. sound card

 the sound card is right, this is the most crucial, aka the most important in the world of audio, without a soundcard, the quality of your recordings will be destroyed, indeed the computer already has a soundcard, but the PC soundcard that comes with the motherboard has a lot of minuses, especially the default PC soundcard often experiences noise and sound delays or latency, it's better to put your money aside and buy the best soundcard, my advice is to use a Steinberg ci2+ soundcard because this soundcard has always been of good quality

3. electric guitar vs acoustic guitar

  For home recording, it is better to use an electric guitar, because if the acoustic guitar is not soundproof, then you can take it using a regular mic. The sound from outside is like the sound of birds, neighbors are chatting and all forms of sound will be recorded, so it's better to choose an electric guitar.

4. reducer

  so that the sound outside is not recorded, you should try to make a soundproof room, if using foam dampers is expensive, the alternative can be using an egg container, my friend

5. microphone

like a guitar, choosing a mic is also not arbitrary, it must match the room, if the room where you are recording is soundproof then choose a condenser mic because of its sensitivity to capturing sound and if your roommate has not installed a silencer, it would be nice to use a dynamic mic because it is not too sensitive

6. headphones

headphones for recording purposes are different from headphones for listening purposes only recording headphones have a rather large shape and have a more detailed sound range, unlike ordinary headphones, the sound is flatter.

7. speaker

speakers in recordings are often also called studio monitors, their function is to monitor and observe the sound of songs with monitor speakers, the sound is easier to observe

8. software daw (digital audio workstation)

a software that is devoted to making recordings, many types are most often used by recording masters, including:

-adobe audition




-walk sonar

-fl studio

-studio one

and many more...

later on another occasion, I will explain one of them

this is an example of my simple home recording, but it's already produced your work like me hehe

maybe that's all I know, maybe my friend wants to add something, please cross it out, and wait for it in the comment form, thank you

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