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 Hello friends, when we want to learn something, we must first have the things we want to learn, such as wanting to learn guitar but not having the guitar, it can be a problem, but it can be solved by borrowing a guitar from a friend but not for a moment, learning guitar takes a long time Your friend also definitely needs and wants to play the guitar too, right and you'll be embarrassed if you keep borrowing it, right, but if you want to learn the guitar just for fun, it's okay if you want to borrow it, your friend will tell you, but if you want to be serious, I will I suggest you try to buy it, even though it's a cheap guitar, but if you have your own, it's good, no one forbids you to use it at any time and of course you will focus on learning the guitar, after reading the snippet above, is there anyone who intends to buy a guitar, so here I will give a little advice for you so you don't buy a guitar wrong, so you won't be disappointed in the future, just go ahead:

guitar buying tips
guitar buying tips

1. go straight to the scene

   I mean, go directly to the guitar shop, don't buy online because usually if you're online you can't check it first, so if you go to the shop, you can directly ask the SPG or the one who owns the shop, you can directly ask questions.

2. weight

   try to lift the guitar, if it's light, usually the quality of the wood is not good, it's not bad, there are many types of guitar wood, there are maple, mahogany, rosewood, and many others, and the average price for a good guitar is in the 500 thousand and above So if anyone is selling guitars for under 500k, they should be suspicious


   Now, if this is for guitars nowadays, you must have inserted a trusroad, do you know what a trusroad is? it means that your guitar is guaranteed to be safe if it fits fast, you don't have to be afraid to bend it, so look for the one with the truss.

4. friends

  Invite a friend or relative who understands about guitar, don't be alone, you might be cheated by the seller

There are also two types of guitar, there are electric guitars and acoustic guitars, so you don't buy the wrong one, you should also follow these tips, buddy:

Acoustic guitar


   this part has been explained above, it has a very big influence on the quality of the guitar, a good nick is embedded in a truss or iron, you can see in the hole that the guitar is like a bolt, now it is a truss, if you want to buy, make sure if you buy there must be a trussrod.

2. fret

   For those of you who only use basic grips without liking the melody, 12 frets are also sufficient, but if you like playing melodies, look for the 22 frets so you can play them more freely.

3. body

  Don't be fooled by the body, because music is not to be seen, but to be heard and felt. Usually, beginner guitarists like to see how it looks first and then the sound. Well, in music, it's the opposite, the sound first, then the appearance on an acoustic guitar. There are many choices of guitar sizes, but I won't give a benchmark because every people have different body postures, just adjust it to your posture buddy

Electric Guitar

an electric guitar is not much like an acoustic guitar here I just add them:

1. guitar spool

an electric guitar can't be separated from a spool because without a spool an electric guitar won't make a sound if you can say the spool is the life of an electric guitar so look for the best spool that can produce a distinctive sound

2. guitar effect

 An electric guitar without a guitar effect is like eating vegetables without salt. If you intend to buy an electric guitar, prepare the extra money to buy the effect because with a guitar effect, the sound of your electric guitar will not sound monotonous and there are certainly many variations of sound that you can choose from.

maybe that's enough tips from me, if there is a wrong word, please understand, hopefully, it will be useful for your blogger friends.........

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